February 9, 2014

Sierra Mountain Wilderness – Viewpoint Gallery


VP 2014


Viewpoint presents the exhibit Sierra Mountain Wilderness by Gary Wagner in its Step Up Gallery in February.

“Wilderness, nature, and the world around me is the studio I use for my photographic work,” says Wagner. “I find freedom and inspiration to create my interpretations of the natural elements and scenic vistas that come to my view at these locations.”

“The wilderness landscape is an exciting and challenging environment to work in, for it is constantly changing with the light of the day and the changing seasons. On many occasions I have revisited my favorite locations repeatedly throughout the year and found them to be completely different … the leaves on the trees, the depth of water in the streams, or the light striking the rocks. This environment and the many faces it reveals bring me endless excitement for creating my art.”
Opening nights of the show went well! Over 200 people for the two nights in spite of the rain! Lots of interaction with viewers and lots of positive comments!

Show open till March 1, 2014

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

2015 J Street, Sacramento, Ca 95811


Check with the website for hours.

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December 24, 2013

Happy Holidays to All!

Holiday Card 2013a

December 2, 2013

Chico Art Center – Winter Salon d’Art

CAC 2013The Chico Art Center is currently having an art exhibit titled Winter Salon d’Art.  The show includes eleven black and white images from my Sierra Mountain Wilderness series. The reception for the exhibit is Saturday 12/7/13, 7:00-9:00pm. The exhibit will be on display until 1/3/14. All are invited to attend.

For this Holiday show I will be donating 25% of the sales of my photographs to the American Cancer Society, Chico Relay for Life. This is my 8th year participating in this Chico event, to help raise money for cancer research. Thank you in advance for your help to eliminate this life robbing disease.

Salon D'Art 12-13

November 10, 2013

2013 Sacramento Fine Arts Center Juried Photography Show

Sacramento Art Center 2014a

One of my photos taken by the Truckee river near Lake Tahoe was selected for the an “Award of Excellence” at the 2013 Sacramento Fine Arts Center Juried Photography Show ” Visions” .

There were over two hundred images entered from 70 photographers and ten images were selected for awards.

As for the image it is one of a rock in the water with trees in the background. This was my most recent photos at this location as I have taken similar images in almost all season over the past 5 years. Something about the location keeps me coming back to record the scene and since this last image taken received the award I am glad I did. The image was taken with my Nikon D800E of which I find the quality to be excellent.

The show is on display until November 23, 2013 and is in Carmichael, Ca. near downtown Sacramento. I have a total of three images on display at the show.

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September 29, 2013

Snow Pan with Iphone5 – Just having Fun!


Iphone Pan of Snow on Donner Summit

Iphone Pan of Snow on Donner Summit

Many times while I am out taking photos I stop and take a few images with my point and shoot or my iphone. Over this past year I have found the images taken with my iphone to be great for posting to this blog or to Facebook. Another feature of the cell phone is that in some locations I can also get a cell signal and upload to Facebook or email images on the spot. I find this to be totally amazing that I can take and share images from remote locations instantly  to anywhere in the world! Just another one of those wonders of modern technology!

The image above is a pan photo taken with my phone. The pan feature in the iphone5 is great. You just set the camera to pan, push the button and pan your camera across the horizon following the images and arrow on the screen and it works almost every time to make a successful pan. The image above is straight out of the camera without any altering in Photoshop.  The image at the bottom went through Photoshop for a little adjustment fun! Since getting my iphone a year ago I have taken almost two thousand photos and a couple of dozen pans. I always thought it would be great to have a camera with me all of the time so that I would never miss a shot but I never dreamed it would be a phone camera!

Some may find humor in ” Beam me up Scotty”

Until next time.


IPhone Pan Donner Snow PS2


September 22, 2013

Early Sierra Snow!



I went to the Mountains to take photos of fall leaves and ended up taking photos of the first snow of the season. Sept. 21 is not usually a day when winter starts but above 6000′ and a cold storm coming from the North means SNOW! The day after I was out at sunrise and ready for action with boots and snow pants on I was on the trail to capture the moment. I love first snows because you can still get into the back country and the features of the land still show. When the snow is only a foot or so deep you can still see some plants and rocks showing and these make the landscape much more interesting.  When the snow is six feet deep and the only thing you see is trees sticking up above the snow line. In addition when the snow is deep you need to wear snow shoes to get around and most water is covered in many feet of the white stuff.

So today was a great day to take photos! I am still planning on taking some fall tree photos in a few weeks when the color change happens in full but until then I will be downloading and working on my early winter photos!

If you haven’t taken photos in a while get out soon and enjoy the moment!

Best Wishes,



September 8, 2013

Sierra Mountain Wilderness – Plumas County Muesum

photo plumas






I have a new exhibit on display at the Plumas County Museum in Quincy, Ca.

The title of the show is the “Sierra Mountain Wilderness” and includes 28 black and white images taken in the past five years in the Northern Sierra Mountains centering around Lake Tahoe and Donner Summit.

The dates of the show are Sept. 7, 2013 – Oct. 25, 2013. Check with the museum for days and times.

The museum is located at:

Plumas County Museum
500 Jackson Street
Quincy, CA. 95971
(530) 283-6320

March 3, 2013

Bryon Wolfe and the Re-photography of Chico

Last weekend I had the privilege of hearing a talk by Chico State Professor and local photographer Bryon Wolfe. Bryon spoke at a meeting of the Chico Heritage Association. The topic of his presentation was Re-Photography which is the taking of photographs in the same location and time of day as photographs that were taken many years in the past. His presentation included a photo show of old images and how he has now rephotographed the same scene sometimes a hundred years later from the same location. The topic and photos were very interesting for at times the images show how almost nothing has changed in the landscape in a hundred years and sometimes buildings have gone and came back as a community has changed over time.

In his presentation Bryon used many examples of the local Chico community and showed how the community had changed in the many years since the first photo of the same location. Also included were images of Yosemite that were taken in the past and new images of the same locations today.

Bryon has worked in the past on projects with Mark Klett who is a professor from Arizona. Bryon and Mark have several books on the topic of Rephotography and have now also started to rephotograph images that the two had photographed twenty five years ago titling these images as a Third View Photography.

For many members of the Chico Heritage Association having Bryon speak of this topic was a real treat with many of them hoping that he will be come back again to show more local images that he or his students have remade of old Chico.  Bryon also has a new book that was just recently published titled, Reconstructing the View: The Grand Canyon Photographs of Mark Klett and Byron Wolfe. I have not yet purchased this book but it is available from Amazon. I will try an give a review of the book later.

Best Wishes


January 21, 2013

Breathing in the Cold or Taking pictures on a Cold Day!

Frost on the Tripod,Taking Pictures on a cold day!

Frost on the Tripod,
Taking Pictures on a cold day!

So the question is…how cold was it?… -5!!

and what you are seeing on the camera and tripod head is frost from my breath while looking through the camera!

Frost is not something I usually see on my camera but then I don’t usually take photos when it is this cold if I can help it! My tripod head did get a little frosty but it worked like a champ. Really Right Stuff makes great gear and I have been using their products for over 5 years first on my Canon and now on my Nikon and have never had an issue with quality or design. www.reallyrightstuff.com.

As for the photo tip of the day…

One cold weather photo taking issue that really can cause a problem is that of taking your camera from the cold outside and then into a warm car and getting lens fog. When this happens it can take up to an hour for the fog to clear and all of those great images can get away!  What I do to prevent this is to take my camera case with me when taking photos in the cold and then put my camera back in the case prior to getting in the car and covering the case with a blanket to keep it cold. This set up works like an ice chest for your camera and helps prevent the lens from fogging up.

Works for me…give it a try.






January 10, 2013

Snow Pod


Last week I was in the Sierras taking photos in the snow. One of the issues I have had with snow photography and using a tripod is the that the legs of the tripod sink in the snow and make for an unsteady tripod. My solution for this issue has been to leave all of the legs together and push straight down in the snow to get a sturdier mount in the snow. If the snow is hard on top and the legs do not sink then I can spread them out in the usual manner but if the snow is soft I either need to get snow shoes for my pod or just push straight down like I did in the photo above. Give it a try next time you are out and I think you will be happy with the results.

Happy Picture Taking!