December 12, 2009

Favorite Photo Books or Hot off the Press!

Photo Books

Favorite Photo Books with lots of bookmarks!

On my website back in the old days… as in 1996 I recommended photo books by Ansel Adams and Phil Davis on how to do black and white film photography and printing. I had dozens of favorite books and authors on “how to” books that spanned the last century but now old in computer terms means more than two years!! Really today if a book was written last year I probably will not buy it because I think it is outdated and if it is not covering PS CS4 it could not possibly be current.

Well all that being said I do have dozens of recent photo books that I have found helpful for Black and White Landscape photography and you may also. So here is just a few to get you started:

  • Mastering Digital Black and White / Amadou Diallo / published in 2007 but a great book covering most topics on digital black and white.
  • Black and White Printing / George Dewolfe / Lots of detail on techniques for black and white printing  including many individual techniques. I really like books that the author says this is how I do it. Anyone can write about general techniques but only a few tell you the real details of their techniques. George is one of those people.
  • On Digital Photography / Stephen Johnson / General photography and printing information but great information to gain a good understanding of digital photography and how to make better photos.
  • The Photoshop Darkroom / Harold Davis / A 2009 book with some excellent informaion on print making techniques. Very personalized and informative information that is technique filled and easy to follow.
  • Black and White Pipeline / Ted Dillard / Another 2009 book that I am currently reading. Lots of good information on conversion techniques that are necessary for great print making.

If you want to learn how to do Black and White Digital photography I would buy them all. If you want to start with only one try Mastering Digital Black and White. I have five more that I will list in a future post. I am hoping to provide an Amazon link to these books but that will have to wait till next week.

December 3, 2009

My Photo Equipment

Well what would a blog about photography be without some discussion about cameras!  After using a view camera for 20 plus years stepping down to a 35mm size camera has been a real joy. My old camera and tripod weighed in at 35 pounds!! My new camera and tripod at most weigh 10 pounds.  The camera I am currently using is a Canon 5D Mark II. This camera is a full frame digital camera with 21.1 mega pixels. So far I have found this camera to produce excellent results and be a pleasure to use. My favorite lens is the Canon 17-40 mm wide angle but I take many images with the Canon 24-105 mm as both lens produce excellent quality. As for the tripod I use a Gitzo 2531 Carbon fiber which is just the right size for my Canon and weights less than five pounds. The tripod head is a Really Right Stuff BH 40 which is very functional as well as a beautiful piece of equipment. If you are in the market for a tripod head there is none finer than the Really Right Stuff tripod heads! I have listed their link in my favorite links section.                                                               

Below is my Camera and Tripod ready for action!

Camera and Tripod on the Truckee River bank

Camera and Tripod on the Truckee River bank