February 24, 2010

A day at the Big Rocks – Bald Mountain

Big Rocks 

Yes there are some special places out there to photograph if you know where to look and this is definitely one of them. In a remote location of Northern California is a granite mountain peak covered in huge round granite boulders. How huge is huge? Some are 50 feet in size just sitting on top of a flat granite peak. You may wonder how they got there and it all happened with the glaciers millions of years ago when snow and ice covered all and these rocks just rolled on in.

As for photos I took a lot. I have been at this location several times in the past but usually in warmer months. In lower elevations of Northern California we don’t really get much winter like many other parts of the country. Our winters have some rain but it seldom gets below freezing at night. This past week it had rained for several days prior to my photo day and I was looking for some puddles and water features to find some reflections for more interesting photos. It turned out I was in luck finding many puddles and reflections to my liking. As usual I took as many photos as I could to not waste a moment of vision and precious photo time. I have mentioned in other writings about only take a very limited amount of photos in the past using sheet film and I am trying to move past those days and just go with the flow by not limiting the number I photos I take. If you are asking how many is many well the answer is three or four hundred but many of these were multi shot bracketed for potential HDR images in the future. There has been a lot written about visualizing your image before you take your photo and about not taking images that are not your best and all of it is true sometimes. On the other hand I say take as many images as you want. Ask yourself if you ever going to be at this place again? What is the cost of a digital image? What is the cost of your time? We learn by our successes as well as our failures. So I say seize the moment and have fun taking pictures!

Link to Bald Rock information http://www.chicowiki.org/Bald_Rock

best wishes, Gary

me with camera