April 29, 2010

landscape photography in the “Shoulder Season”


Aspen Trees Shoulder Season

So when or what is the shoulder season? Not one of the four seasons you remember? We all clearly remember the wonder of winter. White, cold and beautiful. Spring is full of flowers and new green leaves and  both give lots of images and inspiration for the Landscape Photographer to follow his calling. But what happens when the snow turns brown or mostly melted and the flowers and leaves have yet to appear? We have the shoulder season when landscape photography becomes more of a challenge to find that special image. In the high Sierra mountains spring does not really come until late May and I remember snow on Memorial day and even later. Spring flowers are at their peak at the Fourth of July! This past weekend was a photo weekend in the high country and I knew the images selection would be limited so I planned ahead to what I would be working on and my vision was a wonderful group of white bark aspen trees. I had visions for several day of what and how I would be taking these images. At first I was thinking up close and graphic. Then I thought several groupings of multiple trees. In the end I did both and more. Sometimes you just have to let the moment inspire you to see the images and capture them at their best. To get the best images I think it is important to plan ahead and have ideas on what you want to capture but then I think it is also important to just let your mind and camera go wild. I could say I did not come here to take these other pictures and leave but I always try and remember that I may never will see this scene again. Never hesitate to capture what inspires you and share your visions with others to enjoy your magic moments.

best wishes,