June 12, 2010

Photos on the Lake

Lake Tahoe Rocks

Lake Tahoe is always spectacular to photograph! As I drove to one of my favorite photo locations on the lake at day break I saw a big brown bear about a 100 yards from me just walking along. He stopped, looked and then just kept walking in the other direction which is just the direction I wanted him to go. Some photos would have been nice but I was not set up at the time since it was just turning light and I was just on my way to the shoreline.

Lake Tahoe is always beautiful! I have been trying to get images of all of the seasons on the lake. As a landscape photographer it is always interesting to see the same locations in different light and weather conditions and how those factors influence the look of the landscape. It was an unusually quiet morning on the lake even though it was a holiday weekend. Spring/summer is late coming to the mountains this year as snow was falling just a few day ago but the good part of this is it did keep the early morning boaters off of the lake! They do have every right to use the lake also but I hate to delay my exposures for them to pass. 🙂 As for photography I did take a hundred or so images with many of them bracketed plus and minus one stop. It is amazing how fast those 8GB cards get filled up! Many times I think about being more selective in my image taking like I was using film and maybe some day I will move back to that technique but for the moment I want to capture every image that my mind sees and with digital I can do just that. I know that many of you edit in the camera or the computer which is probably a good thing if you want to conserve space but so far I usually do very little permanent editing of my images. Not all of my bracketed images are good as some are over and some under exposed but as I continue to experiment with HDR I keep wanting to build up a stock pile of images to use for this process. I have found HDR to produce some interesting images especially in color but I have not included it in my normal process of B&W conversion at this time. I have had better success using multi exposure images, combining the images in PS and then only using parts of each image as needed to maintain detail. Digital and PS gives us so many options to complete images and the options keep changing and improving. What an exciting time in photography! 

off to do some editing!

best wishes, gary

Lake Take Rocks Black and White