February 1, 2011

Winter River in Black and White

Sierra Winter River

Yes all of the images I now take are in color. This is one of the wonders of digital photography that you take photos in color and then make them into black and white. In the past with film you could also do this but the tones and quality were far from perfect. Now with Photo Shop the process uses all of the best of the color image to make an excellent black and white image. I use Photo Shop CS5 for the conversion but there are several other programs that can also perform the same task. If you have not tried this conversion give it a try it is quick and easy to convert most images. You canĀ also print your own or upload to one of the online printing services to have them print the black and white images for you. I print all of my own images using Epson printers with a variety of Black and White inks but I have had some done online and have received excellent results.

Give it a try!