December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Holiday Card 2012

December 19, 2012

New Camera…Nikon 800E!

Nikon D800

Lake Tahoe on a cold and windy day with my new Nikon 800E!

Yes I have changed from Canon to Nikon! After several years with my Canon 5D Mark II and several thousand images I was looking forward to upgrading to a new camera. The Canon was an excellent camera and produced excellent images for several years. Because of that I was looking to upgrading to another Canon but then Nikon made a giant leap forward with the D800 into medium format territory that just a few years ago seemed unthinkable. The reviews for the 800 were stellar from both reviewers and users so I made the plunge and so far the camera has been great! With the body I purchased the 24-70mm lens as my first lens which also has an excellent reputation. Some may ask why I would want to make a change to a higher pixel camera and the answer is very simple as I want to make larger size prints with the best possible quality in this price and size range. Yes there are excellent medium format style cameras that make larger files but I think I would have to win the lottery before I could justify one of those jewels! The Nikon 800 was the answer for me as it is the right size, the right quality and the right price. A triple winner in my book!

Below is an image taken at the north shore of Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago. Not much snow but great clouds! More to come…

Happy Holidays!