September 29, 2013

Snow Pan with Iphone5 – Just having Fun!


Iphone Pan of Snow on Donner Summit

Iphone Pan of Snow on Donner Summit

Many times while I am out taking photos I stop and take a few images with my point and shoot or my iphone. Over this past year I have found the images taken with my iphone to be great for posting to this blog or to Facebook. Another feature of the cell phone is that in some locations I can also get a cell signal and upload to Facebook or email images on the spot. I find this to be totally amazing that I can take and share images from remote locations instantly  to anywhere in the world! Just another one of those wonders of modern technology!

The image above is a pan photo taken with my phone. The pan feature in the iphone5 is great. You just set the camera to pan, push the button and pan your camera across the horizon following the images and arrow on the screen and it works almost every time to make a successful pan. The image above is straight out of the camera without any altering in Photoshop.  The image at the bottom went through Photoshop for a little adjustment fun! Since getting my iphone a year ago I have taken almost two thousand photos and a couple of dozen pans. I always thought it would be great to have a camera with me all of the time so that I would never miss a shot but I never dreamed it would be a phone camera!

Some may find humor in ” Beam me up Scotty”

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IPhone Pan Donner Snow PS2


September 22, 2013

Early Sierra Snow!



I went to the Mountains to take photos of fall leaves and ended up taking photos of the first snow of the season. Sept. 21 is not usually a day when winter starts but above 6000′ and a cold storm coming from the North means SNOW! The day after I was out at sunrise and ready for action with boots and snow pants on I was on the trail to capture the moment. I love first snows because you can still get into the back country and the features of the land still show. When the snow is only a foot or so deep you can still see some plants and rocks showing and these make the landscape much more interesting.  When the snow is six feet deep and the only thing you see is trees sticking up above the snow line. In addition when the snow is deep you need to wear snow shoes to get around and most water is covered in many feet of the white stuff.

So today was a great day to take photos! I am still planning on taking some fall tree photos in a few weeks when the color change happens in full but until then I will be downloading and working on my early winter photos!

If you haven’t taken photos in a while get out soon and enjoy the moment!

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September 8, 2013

Sierra Mountain Wilderness – Plumas County Muesum

photo plumas






I have a new exhibit on display at the Plumas County Museum in Quincy, Ca.

The title of the show is the “Sierra Mountain Wilderness” and includes 28 black and white images taken in the past five years in the Northern Sierra Mountains centering around Lake Tahoe and Donner Summit.

The dates of the show are Sept. 7, 2013 – Oct. 25, 2013. Check with the museum for days and times.

The museum is located at:

Plumas County Museum
500 Jackson Street
Quincy, CA. 95971
(530) 283-6320