February 9, 2014

Sierra Mountain Wilderness – Viewpoint Gallery


VP 2014


Viewpoint presents the exhibit Sierra Mountain Wilderness by Gary Wagner in its Step Up Gallery in February.

“Wilderness, nature, and the world around me is the studio I use for my photographic work,” says Wagner. “I find freedom and inspiration to create my interpretations of the natural elements and scenic vistas that come to my view at these locations.”

“The wilderness landscape is an exciting and challenging environment to work in, for it is constantly changing with the light of the day and the changing seasons. On many occasions I have revisited my favorite locations repeatedly throughout the year and found them to be completely different … the leaves on the trees, the depth of water in the streams, or the light striking the rocks. This environment and the many faces it reveals bring me endless excitement for creating my art.”
Opening nights of the show went well! Over 200 people for the two nights in spite of the rain! Lots of interaction with viewers and lots of positive comments!

Show open till March 1, 2014

Viewpoint Photographic Art Center

2015 J Street, Sacramento, Ca 95811


Check with the website for hours.

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