October 31, 2014

On the Beach at Sunrise, Trinidad, Ca.


I was back on the beach in Trinidad, Ca. a few weeks ago taking photos at Sunrise. This combination image was taken with my Iphone5S. I just upgraded to Iphone6 and am anxious to see how the camera works when on location. The morning I was taking these images the fog was moving in and out on the beach. What this means is that one minute is very foggy and the next minute the sun is shining. As can be seen by the upper color image the sun was rising in the east and was being filtered by the fog hanging on the coast. I thought this was a beautiful view and loved the colors of yellow from the sun and the blue of the sky. Hoping to get back on the beach soon to take more images.

Black and White Spider Awards 2014 Nominee

Black and White Spider Awards 2014My photo “River Rock” was included as a Nominee in this years Black and White Spider Awards. This image was taken in 2013 on the Truckee River near Lake Tahoe. The Spider Awards is an online contest with over 8000 entries. Great to be included!