January 2, 2010

So many Photo browsers to choose from and so little time.

Breeze Browser

Well what about a browser to view your photos? I have tried most of them and here are a few words about my experiences overall. Starting with my favorite in case you don’t want to read this posting it is Breeze Browser Pro. I have been using Breeze Browser for over three years and have not found anything faster or better for quickly finding photos or viewing them with ease. Breeze Browser Pro is $69.95 and an excellent buy at that price.

My main complaint with most browsers is that they are just too slow bringing up your photos and the program is just too large and complex. My second choice is Bridge which is part of Adobe Photo Shop. I do use this program to download images from my memory cards and it does a good job at this function because you can download the image to two drives at the same time which I think as an excellent feature.  Another program I keep trying to make make work for me is Adobe Lightroom.  I currently have Lightroom 2 loaded and three is in Beta right now but I have not tried it. Lightroom works fine and version two worked better than one but I still am not using it on a daily basis as it just seems so slow on my computer. Lightroom has lots of features and seems to be a replacement for Photoshop sometimes but with my current workflow it just is not working the way I want it to. In addition you have to load your photos into the program and it then builds a directory of images seperate from your full sized images. I am sure I will buy Lightroom three just to keep up with this program as I continue to try to fit it in my workflow.

Photo Mechanic is another program I have tried and find it very similar to BreezeBrowser. It is fast and works good at organizing your photos and is a very popular program. My only complaint it that it costs $150.

ACDSee is an excellent price at $49.95 and has a ton of features. Depending on your editing requirement this may be the only program you will need as a browser and as a image editor. I would be using it except that it takes forever for my images to load.

I keep talking about speed and this may not be an issue for you. I have thousands of images most in the 25 to 35 meg range before editing and I do not like to sit and wait for them to load to be able to find an image. If you have small files and not a lot of them I would definitely try this program.

So that is the browser roundup! Most programs have trail versions which I defiently would suggest you use prior to purchasing any program.

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