January 27, 2010

Winter day Photos at Lake Tahoe


Lake Tahoe Winter

7:00am, 16 degrees F. and the sun is just coming up! I am off to one of my favorite photo locations…Lake Tahoe!

What a spectacular body of water at the top of the Sierra Mountains.  Yes it has been photographed a million times but who cares as I take images of natural design that moves me and Lake Tahoe almost always does. The water level of the lake has been low over the past few years and the water line is now about a hundred yards out at my location. So out I go with tripod and camera in hand ready for action! In regards to the weather there had been a storm the day before and there were still clouds over the lake to add some drama to the morning light. I usually travel lightweight in these situations with just my tripod and a small bag with camera and misc. photo aids.  The moment was exciting! Light, clouds and weather all perfect today! I took photos for about an hour as the sky, clouds and light kept changing around me. I always try and make the most of good image opportunities and with digital it is so easy. Multiple exposures, bracketed, horizontal, vertical, ND filter. I try and do them all. In the old days (before digital) when I shot large format sheet film I would take maybe four exposures and pack up. Looking back I usually had the images I wanted in those four sheets of film. Taking photos has become more fun and more exciting with digital and I always want to have the most fun when I am in the right place at the right time. As they say “seize the moment” for you never know when you will see it again.

If you are looking for something to do on Sat. morning… plan a photo trip of your own, grab your camera and go have some fun!

Have a Great Photo day! Gary

Lake Tahoe Winter Black and White

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