November 17, 2010

New fun with an old friend: FILM

Film Cameras

As I posted in my last entry my camera went underwater and I am still waiting for its return from Canon. Just to keep the eyes sharp I decided to have some fun with some of my older cameras and a few new ones. The list is: Nikon F2, Diana 120, focus free 35mm and two new ready loads, one from Fuji and the other from CVS drugs. I was trying to cover the gamut of 35mm images with a range from my best Nikon to off the shelf film and camera combinations. In addition over the years I have used my very old and classic Diana on many occasions when I was looking to break from large format film and just point and shoot and you get what you get! 

So I know you are wondering how the images came out and so far I only have one roll processed of the CVS drug camera and they were soft and fuzzy around the edges just as I was hoping they would be. If I had wanted classic f64 images I would have shot sheet film.  I will be taking a few of the other rolls to Cost Co today and having some prints and a CD made. Cost Co. does not do 120 so I will have to send those out since no one processes 120 in my area any more.

This color image is one that was made from the CVS Drugs camera. It has a unique look to it that makes it interesting. I will post some additional ones when I get them back from processing.


Fall Trees / CVS Camera

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  1. November 19, 2010
    Graham said...

    Yay! This made me so happy! Nice Diana by the way.

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