December 19, 2012

New Camera…Nikon 800E!

Nikon D800

Lake Tahoe on a cold and windy day with my new Nikon 800E!

Yes I have changed from Canon to Nikon! After several years with my Canon 5D Mark II and several thousand images I was looking forward to upgrading to a new camera. The Canon was an excellent camera and produced excellent images for several years. Because of that I was looking to upgrading to another Canon but then Nikon made a giant leap forward with the D800 into medium format territory that just a few years ago seemed unthinkable. The reviews for the 800 were stellar from both reviewers and users so I made the plunge and so far the camera has been great! With the body I purchased the 24-70mm lens as my first lens which also has an excellent reputation. Some may ask why I would want to make a change to a higher pixel camera and the answer is very simple as I want to make larger size prints with the best possible quality in this price and size range. Yes there are excellent medium format style cameras that make larger files but I think I would have to win the lottery before I could justify one of those jewels! The Nikon 800 was the answer for me as it is the right size, the right quality and the right price. A triple winner in my book!

Below is an image taken at the north shore of Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago. Not much snow but great clouds! More to come…

Happy Holidays!



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  1. January 1, 2013
    richard/FL said...

    hey…nice photos! Happy New Year to both of you!

    re: New Nikon body.. just had an interesting incident selling on ebay… I acquired some expensive nikon old school lenses [AI , AIS types] from a prominent FL photographer… one nikon 200mm f2 ED, and others…
    A west coast photographer bought my lens to test on ebay , to use on his new nikon.. then claimed it did not work [the lens], so I had it sent to my tech…

    turns out, the “focal plane” difference b/the film based body and digital are not the same… so it takes some figuring to make it focus correctly.. and also, THE SMALLEST imperfections on the older glass [cleaning marks] will show up big time using the new nikon body.. so be advised,,, do NOT try to buy the older lenses to use on your new baby nikon…

    i am still trying to get the nerve to buy the D7000… no luck to date… good luck.. richard

  2. January 1, 2013
    Gary Wagner said...

    Richard,thanks for the info on the lens. So far I have only purchased new lens for the 800 but was looking at some used ones. Since I am interested in the best quality I can get from this camera maybe I should stick with new. Best Wishes for the New Year! Gary

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