January 21, 2013

Breathing in the Cold or Taking pictures on a Cold Day!

Frost on the Tripod,Taking Pictures on a cold day!

Frost on the Tripod,
Taking Pictures on a cold day!

So the question is…how cold was it?… -5!!

and what you are seeing on the camera and tripod head is frost from my breath while looking through the camera!

Frost is not something I usually see on my camera but then I don’t usually take photos when it is this cold if I can help it! My tripod head did get a little frosty but it worked like a champ. Really Right Stuff makes great gear and I have been using their products for over 5 years first on my Canon and now on my Nikon and have never had an issue with quality or design. www.reallyrightstuff.com.

As for the photo tip of the day…

One cold weather photo taking issue that really can cause a problem is that of taking your camera from the cold outside and then into a warm car and getting lens fog. When this happens it can take up to an hour for the fog to clear and all of those great images can get away!  What I do to prevent this is to take my camera case with me when taking photos in the cold and then put my camera back in the case prior to getting in the car and covering the case with a blanket to keep it cold. This set up works like an ice chest for your camera and helps prevent the lens from fogging up.

Works for me…give it a try.






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