April 30, 2014

Earth Day and Ansel Adams Day

April 22, 1970 was the first Earth Day and today we celebrate that day 44 years later.

Today is also the 30th  anniversary of the passing of Ansel Adams on April 22, 1984. Having been a follower of Ansel since my teens and having read many of his books I know he was not only a prominent black and white landscape photographer but also a staunch defender of the earth and wilderness areas.  Ansel served on the board of directors of the Sierra Club for 37 years and wrote hundreds of letters to Congress in support of environmental issues. Ansel used his magnificent images of the American Landscape to further his cause for the protection of the earth. Nothing could be more fitting to celebrate Earth day and the work that Ansel Adams did to defend our earth on the same day.


Ansel Adams Books

Ansel Adams Books



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