April 30, 2014

Still Collecting Photo Books

How many photo books does one need?

My answer is as many as one wants.

Last week I could see an issue needed to be resolved when I was out of floor space in my photo/computer/library room to put any more books. I have been collecting photo books since my teens but it has only been in the past ten years that I have really seen my collection growing significantly. The reason for the rapid growth has been the internet and the ability to find books on line in minutes. Amazon and Abe books are my first search places to find a book. Many books can be purchased for a dollar or two plus $3.99 shipping. I don’t know how people can sell books for this price but I just keep buying. I am a little behind in reading… maybe a dozen or two.

Well I did do a major reshuffle and reorganized my books by some method to get them off of the floor and on to the shelves. My top shelf that is difficult to reach is all of my books on film and photo processing. Since going to digital in 2006 I have not been reviewing these books very often these days but they bring back great memories of the glory of film and my life in the darkroom.

Other shelves contain sections on favorite photographers including the Ansel Adams books that I used in the last post and Weston, Porter, Muench, Sexton and many other of my most admired black and white photographers and photographers of the landscape. I also want to mention my most recent favorite photographer that I now have several books by and that is Michael Kenna. I have really come to love his work. I saw a show of his in SF last year…beautiful images! Still doing film…what can I say.

One last comment and that is last week I was in a thrift store looking at the books and there was a Camera and Lens by Ansel for $2.99. I thought do I need this book? I think I already have two copies so I put it down walked around a bit more but I could not leave without it. Turns out it was a discarded Library book from Indianapolis and since I was from Indiana how could I pass it up? It is now on the floor with several other recent finds that are waiting for me to review.

There is a lot more that I could say about my photo books but I will have to save those words for another day.

I think I should take some pictures today.


Ansel Adams. Camera and Lens

Ansel Adams. Camera and Lens






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